Student Oral Abstract Awards

The Osseo 2019 scientific committee will be offering scientific awards for high-quality research submitted to the 7th International Congress on Bone Conduction Hearing and Related Technologies.

Early Career Investigator Award

The OSSEO 2019 scientific committee will be awarding a select group of individuals who are early career investigators defined as no more than 5 years beyond residency or postdoctoral training at the time of abstract submission. This award will include free registration and a spotlight podium to present their work at the 2019 meeting in Miami, Florida.

Student Investigator Award

Students will receive a reduced registration rate and scholarship opportunities as part of a competitive process for a limited number of students/fellows at the 2019 OSSEO meeting.  The scientific committee will be awarding a select group of individuals enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, residency, or fellowship program at the time of abstract submissions scholarship awards.  These will include free registration and a travel stipend to help offset expenses. Scholarship recipients are required to attend the conference in full, and an academic adviser or another university official must verify student/resident status.

Submissions for the scientific awards will be judged based on:  

  • The topic represents an important or emerging area of science
  • A clear objective and sufficient rationale is presented
  • Strength of the study design and methodology
  • Clarity of the results and conclusions
  • Overall strength of submission and contribution to the field

*Students need to submit an abstract for oral consideration to be eligible for the student awards. Please select that you would like to be considered for the student awards during the abstract submission process and submit a student verification letter from the department head. Please submit the verification letter to:

Abstract submission is now open! Please submit your abstract at: