OSSEO 2017 Meeting Wrap Up

Wrap up Osseo2017

Since the first Osseo meeting in Halifax, back in 2007, the field of implantable hearing devices has been rapidly changing and continues to grow: these remain exciting times! Active middle ear implants have been introduced and the application of such devices is now one of the major topics of the Congress. Therefore in 2015, the subtitle of the Congress was changed into “Bone Conduction Hearing and related technologies”. We are still learning and developing, and our goals remain to let patients hear again and how to best capture the needs of each specific patient.

It has been a great pleasure to host Osseo2017 in our historical hometown, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We have taken advantage of the vast amount of authentic expertise of all (nearly 550 !!) delegates have brought along. We were able to address exciting topics and provided the delegates with the latest updates on current technology. We have not only learned together, but we have also laughed together, renewed old friendships and started new ones.

We look forward to Osseo2019!

Osseo 2017, Executive committee
Myrthe Hol (president), Ad Snik (vice-president) and Emmanuel Mylanus