Scientific Advisory Board

The OSSEO 2019 Congress has established an elite member list for the 2019 Scientific Advisory Board. In keeping with the tradition of this world-class congress, we will bring together top clinicians and researchers from around the world.  We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive and high-quality scientific program focused on cutting-edge research in bone conduction hearing and related technologies.  The following Advisory Board Members have established expertise and have given great contributions to the field and we would like to acknowledge their participation in the OSSEO 2019 program.

Martijn Argterberg
Marlene Bagatto
Arjan Bosman
Steve Cass
Juan A. Chiossone-Kerdel
Dan Coelho
Maura Cosetti
Cor Cremers
Arnaud Deveze
Adrien Eshraghi
Bo Hakkanson
Allan Ho
Bill Hodgetts
Myrthe Hol
Martin Kompis
Luis Lassaletta
Thomas Lenarz
Larry Lustig
Hannes Maier
Ann-Louis McDermott
Griet Mertens
Peter Monksfield
Kari Morgenstein
David Morris
Emmanual Mylanus
Eeg Olofsson
Blake Papsin
Andrea Pittman
James Ramsden
JayDip Ray
Sabine Reinfeldt
Alejandro Rivas
Cristof Roosli
Henryk Skarsinski
Ad Snik
Stefan Stenfelt
Anders Tjellstrom
Jack Wazen