Nominations are now being accepted for the 2019 Bone Conduction Hearing Award!

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OSSEO Award Nomination Form

Nominations for the Bone Conduction Hearing Award are open for submission by all who represent the scientific OSSEO community. Nominations must be submitted to the Chairs of the Bone Conduction Hearing Award Committee no later than 30th April 2019. Nominations may be submitted to: OSSEO@res-inc.com and must include:

  1. The completed Nomination Form
  2. Letter of support by the nominator
  3. Full Curriculum Vitae of the nominee

About the Award:
The Bone Conduction Hearing Award is an international recognition award presented by the Osseo organizers to an individual exemplifying excellence and demonstrating significant contributions in the field of bone conduction hearing and related technologies. It is the successor of the well-known Tjellström Award.