Poster Presentations

Please click the links below to take the poster presentation online survey:

Evaluation, Fitting, and Verification
Poster Numbers: 11,24,54,63,72,75,77,95,100,116,118,120,133

Emerging Technologies
Poster Numbers: 1,22,32,33,34,46,68,81,91,94,117,130

Basic and Clinical Research
Poster Numbers: 3,12,18,20,30,31,52,64,111,112,121

Measuring Outcomes
Poster Numbers: 9,13,15,16,17,23,26,37,39,48,50,53,58,59,60,66,70,78,80,87,89,90,92,102,104,105,106,107,123,124

Surgical Considerations-
Poster Numbers: 6,14,25,43,47,49,55,56,57,61,76,79,83,84,85,88,103,109,110,115,126

Poster Numbers: 7,19,131,134,135

The printed poster size is : 40 inches high by 30 inches wide.  Please prepare your printed poster accordingly.
Posters set up is on Wednesday, December 11th from 13:00 -16:00 on the Ocean Front Terrace.  Display Boards will be provided along with push pins.
Poster displays will then be re-located to Poco Terra Ballroom and will remain displayed through the end of the Congress.
Poster breakdown is on Saturday, December 14th 11:00 -12:30